Blackbeard: The Birth of America -The True Story of an American Patriot

Did you know that the legendary Blackbeard was an American patriot fighting a war against an oppressive British Crown and one of America’s greatest antiheroes? Blackbeard: The Birth of America tells the true story of Edward Thache, the Robin-Hood-like patriot & most famous pirate of all time, and Virginia’s British Governor Spotswood, who illegally hunted him down. #pirates #suspense#thrillers #colonialamerica

Thrilled to announce that The Fourth Pularchek, Book 3 of my Nick Lassiter-Skyler International Espionage Series, was recognized as an Award-Winning Finalist at the 2017 American Book Fest Best Book Awards in the Thriller-Adventure category.

Remembering Robert Frederick & the Legendary Devil’s Brigade – Samuel Marquis – Altar of Resistance

Want to learn about real American heroes? Check out my article on WWII General Robert Tyrone Frederick & the legendary Devil’s Brigade in’s Under The Radar. The commander of the First Special Service Force is a leading character in Altar of Resistance, Book 2 of my WWII Series. He was a truly great soldier and human being, regarded by Churchill as “the greatest fighting general of all time.”