IMG_0010Praise and Awards for Author Samuel Marquis

  • #1 Denver Post Bestselling Author (Fiction)
    • Winner Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year (Thriller & Suspense)
  • Winner Beverly Hills Book Awards (Political Thriller)
  • Winner Next Generation Indie Book Awards (Suspense)
  • Award-Winning Finalist USA Best Book Awards (Thriller/Adventure)
  • Award-Winning Finalist Beverly Hills Book Awards (Mystery)
  • Award-Winning Finalist Next Generation Indie Book Awards (Action/Adventure)
  • Award-Winning Finalist Beverly Hills Book Awards (Suspense)

“Marquis is brilliant and bold…It’s hard not to think, ‘What’s he going to come up with next?’”
—SP Review – 4.5-Star Review (for The Slush Pile Brigade)

“A promising thriller writer with a fine hero, great research, and a high level of authenticity.”
—Donald Maass, Author of Writing 21st Century Fiction (for The Coalition)

Praise for The Slush Pile Brigade – #1 Denver Post Bestseller and Award-Winning Finalist Beverly Hills Book Awards 

“There’s a lot going on in Marquis’ book, as the author smartly builds off a solid premise…A fresh concept and protagonist that breathe life into a conventional but exciting actioner.”—Kirkus Reviews

“This high-energy, rollicking misadventure will change the way you look at the publishing industry forever. The plot–complete with car chases and gun play–is unpredictable…twists, turns and counterturns abound. So, too, does the humor. The dialogue is superb, especially the rat-a-tat round robin responses when the Slush Pile Brigade members are in discussion.”
—Foreword Reviews – Five-Star Review

The Slush Pile Brigade is a hilarious and exciting read filled with one crazy turn after another. The author slams on the accelerator early in the story and doesn’t let up, forcing the reader to flip the pages frantically. It’s hard not to think, ‘What’s he going to come up with next?’ And once it’s over, it’s still hard to catch one’s breath. A screwball thriller that will make your sides hurt from laughing.”
—SP Review – 4.5/5 Stars (****1/2)

“Twists, turns and double crosses in literary theft quickly expand to threaten the globe in: THE SLUSH PILE BRIGADE. At its core, the book is a solid thriller. It has clearly defined stakes and goals for the main characters. Marquis has laid the groundwork as a thriller writer and hopefully his following novels build up a James Patterson-esque empire. A promising debut from an up-and-coming thriller writer.”
—IndieReader – 4.5-Star Review

“Marquis makes the bewildering journey entertaining with the supporting cast of quirky friends who accompany Nick on his mission. Frequent nods to popular literature, and the fact that Marquis himself wrote a novel called Blind Thrust, bring out the book-within-a-book theme, and the New York City scenes and dialogue feel authentic throughout. Read The Slush Pile Brigade for the enjoyable romp that it is.”
—BlueInk Review

Praise for broadmoor photoBlind Thrust: A Mass Murder Mystery – #1 Denver Post Bestseller; Winner Foreword Reviews’ Book of the Year and Next Generation Indie Book Awards; Award-Winning Finalist USA Best Book, Beverly Hills, and Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Blind Thrust kept me up until 1 a.m. two nights in a row. I could not put it down. An intriguing mystery that intertwined geology, fracking, and places in Colorado that I know well. Great fun.”
—Governor Roy R. Romer, 39th Governor of Colorado

Samuel Marquis’s earth-shattering thriller, Blind Thrust, excels at making a mystery story, with geology as background, an exciting yarn. He deftly injects nuances of shrewdness into all his characters, and his skilled use of third-person omniscient narration and short chapters allow for an intimate portrayal of each player while keeping the plot moving at a high-octane pace. With believable, intelligent characters, there is a fine thriller on these pages that could shake things up.”—Foreword Reviews – Four-Star Review

Blind Thrust is a page-turning adventure that will hold its audience with the attention to detail only a really well-researched author can bring to the table. The science of earthquakes is fascinating, and Marquis has captured this science and packaged it into a really fine thriller ‘against the clock’ style for almost anyone to pick up and enjoy, and readers will no doubt want more from Higheagle and his intrepid grandfather once they have devoured this installment.”—Self-Publishing Review – Four-Star Review

Blind Thrust makes good use of Marquis’ background as a professional geologist. It is the novel’s characters, however, that really stand out. Charles Quantrill is far from a cardboard villain, and as for the heroes, Joe and John Higheagle have a particularly endearing rapport. For suspense fans who enjoy science mixed with their thrills, the novel offers page-turning pleasures.”—BlueInk Review

Blind Thrust spins a thrilling tale of what can happen when humans mess with Mother Nature. The novel definitely has the science to back up a plot filled with well-drilling and seismic events. For those interested in earthquakes or environmental issues, Marquis has created an action-packed novel filled with danger and conflict.”—IndieReader Book Review

“Mr. Marquis infuses passion and authenticity into every page of the novel, as he is a practicing geologist and paleontology/Western history buff who is an expert on what he writes. [T]he plot, characters, and pacing in Blind Thrust are all top notch, with a high level of dramatic tension sustained throughout the novel.”
—Pat LoBrutto, Former Editor for Stephen King and Eric Van Lustbader (Bourne Series)

“A mostly engaging novel by an experienced hydrogeologist who brings a lot of verisimilitude to his tale of earthquake devastation.”—Kirkus Reviews

Praise for The Coalition – Winner Beverly Hills Book AwardsiStock_000001722330_Medium

The Coalition has a lot of good action and suspense, an unusual female assassin, and the potential to be another The Day After Tomorrow [the runaway best-seller by Allan Folsom].”
—James Patterson, #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author

“This ambitious thriller starts with a bang, revs up its engines, and never stops until the explosive ending…Perfect for fans of James Patterson, David Baldacci, and Vince Flynn, The Coalition is a standout thriller from an up-and-coming writer.”
—Foreword Reviews – Four-Star Review

“An entertaining thriller about a ruthless political assassination…Marquis has woven a tight plot with genuine suspense.”—Kirkus Reviews

The Coalition by Samuel Marquis is a riveting novel by an uncommonly gifted writer. This is the stuff from which blockbuster movies are made! Very highly recommended.”
—Midwest Book Review

“Reminiscent of The Day of the Jackal…with a high level of authentic detail. Skyler is a convincing sniper, and also a nicely conflicted one.”
—Donald Maass, Author of Writing 21st Century Fiction

“Author of 2015’s The Slush Pile Brigade and Blind Thrust, novelist Samuel Marquis has accomplished something rather rare. In The Coalition, Marquis has injected fresh air into the often threadbare genre of political conspiracy and assassination thrillers.”— Dr. Wesley Britton, (Crime & Mystery)

“A complex but fast-paced conspiracy thriller. Marquis knows his stuff: the interworkings of the FBI, the religious dogma of the far-right organization, and all the minor details that go into a political assassination…Marquis’ conspiracy is prescient and plausible, and well-drawn. Each one of his characters has uniquely interesting motivations…If you’re in the mood for an engrossing assassination thriller with a unique twist, The Coalition is a very good place to start.”—Self-Publishing Review – 4.5-Star Review

The Coalition is an entertaining conspiracy story driven by the diverse motives of a varied and complicated cast of characters.”—IndieReader

 iStock_000009362953_MediumBodyguard of Deception – Book #1 of World War II Spy Trilogy

“Readers looking for an unapologetic historical action book should tear through this volume.”
—Kirkus Reviews


Bodyguard of Deception grabbed my attention right from the beginning and never let go. The character development is excellent. Samuel Marquis has a knack for using historic details and events to create captivating and fun to read tales.”
—Governor Roy R. Romer, 39th Governor of Colorado

“A fast-paced, riveting WWII espionage thriller. Bodyguard of Deception is as good as the best of Daniel Silva, Ken Follett, Alan Furst, and David Baldacci and brings back fond memories of the classic movie The Great Escape and Silva’s finest novel, The Unlikely Spy.”
—Fred Taylor, Pres./Co-Founder Northstar and Espionage Novel Aficionado

“As usual, Marquis’s descriptions are vivid, believable, and true to the time period…Bodyguard of Deception is an intriguing launch to his new trilogy. Warmly recommended.”
—Dr. Wesley Britton, (Crime & Mystery)

“Old-time spy buffs will appreciate the tradecraft and attention to detail, while adventure enthusiasts will enjoy the unique perspective and setting for a WWII story. As Marquis throws in everything but the kitchen sink, he turns this well-told, if byzantine adventure novel into a combination of The Great Escape, Public Enemies, a genuine old-time Western, and a John Le Carré novel.”
—Blueink Review

“The world hangs in a delicate balance in the heart-pounding World War Two Trilogy opener, Bodyguard of Deception by Samuel Marquis. Put together with an intricate plot to follow and a commitment to realistic detail, there’s a lot going for the read…a wonderfully nail-biting experience with good characters and solid intrigue.”
—SP Review – Four-Star Review

Bodyguard of Deception is a unique and ambitious spy thriller complete with historical figures, exciting action, and a dastardly villain. Fans of prison-break plots will enjoy this story of a loyal German struggling to save his homeland.”
—Foreword Reviews

cluster-of-lies-thumbPraise for Cluster of Lies 

“In his novels Blind Thrust and Cluster of Lies, Samuel Marquis vividly combines the excitement of the best modern techno-thrillers, an education in geology, and a clarifying reminder that the choices each of us make have a profound impact on our precious planet.”
—Ambassador Marc Grossman, Former U.S. Under Secretary of State

“With Cluster of Lies, Marquis continues to keep me awake at night. I enjoy how he blends together science and his knack for storytelling to craft an insightful and entertaining tale. He causes me to stop and think, then jump right back into the action.”
—Governor Roy R. Romer, 39th Governor of Colorado

Cluster of Lies has a twisty plot that grabs hold from the beginning and never lets go. A true page turner! I’m already looking forward to the next Joe Higheagle adventure.”
—Robert Bailey, Author of The Professor and Between Black and White

Cluster of Lies by Samuel Marquis is an entertaining and unpredictable thriller that kick-starts and shows no signs of slowing….This is a boisterous mystery with an intellectual backbone.“
—Foreword Reviews – Four-Star Review

“In Cluster of Lies, Samuel Marquis touches all the bases. He starts with a murder and the action doesn’t let up until the very last page in this compelling environmental thriller that is often uncomfortably realistic.”
—Charles Salzberg, Author of The Henry Swann Detective Series

“With Blind Thrust, Cluster of Lies, and his other works, Samuel Marquis has written true breakout novels that compare favorably with—and even exceed—recent thrillers on the New York Times Bestseller List.”
—Pat LoBrutto, Former Editor for Stephen King and Eric Van Lustbader (Bourne Series)

“Marquis is a master of dialogue in this thriller with a social conscience. Deftly taking on the mystery of a cancer cluster at the Dakota Ranch outside Denver, Cluster of Lies is an action-packed page-turner. And, “warts and all,” geologist Joe Higheagle is a new American hero who won’t stop until justice is served.”
—Kelly Oliver, Author of The Jessica James Mysteries, Wolf and Coyote

“In today’s environmentally challenged world, Joe Higheagle is the man I want in my corner. Well-written, fast paced, Samuel Marquis’ Cluster of Lies is a must read thriller.”
—Debra H. Goldstein, Author of Should Have Played Poker

Cluster of Lies takes you into seamy nether regions, where greed and subterfuge prey on good people’s ignorance and government inattention. It takes a potent and imperfect hero to save an imperfect world, and Joe Higheagle’s on point. Buckle in for an action-packed enviro-thriller filled with fear and loathing.”
—Prof. J.R. Welch, Author/Editor of Dispatches from the Fort Apache Scout: White Mountain and Cibecue Apache History Through 1881