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Self-Publishing Review – The Slush Pile Brigade

Here is the latest review from Self-Publishing Review on The Slush Pile Brigade.

The Slush Pile Brigade, by Samuel Marquis, is a hilarious and exciting read filled with one crazy turn after another. The author slams on the accelerator early in the story and doesn’t let up, forcing the reader to flip the pages frantically. And once it’s over, it’s still hard to catch one’s breath.”

—Self-Publishing Review – 4.5/5 Stars (****1/2)

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Self-Publishing Review – The Slush Pile Brigade

Foreword Reviews – The Slush Pile Brigade

Check out this great review of the The Slush Pile Brigade from Foreword Reviews. The Five Star (*****) Review was posted by Robin Farrel Edmunds, who not only has impeccable taste in fine literature but is an extraordinary writer. Here is the byline quote: “This high-energy, rollicking misadventure will change the way you look at the publishing industry forever.” Who needs Peter Travers or the New York Times when you’ve got Foreword Reviews and the inestimable R.F. Edmunds? Thanks Robin! Hey kid, rock and roll, rock on! (Foreword Review – The Slush Pile Brigade)
PDF: Foreword Slush Pile Brigade Review

IndieReader Book Review – The Slush Pile Brigade

Check out this 4.5/5 Star (****1/2) review from IndieReader.

“Twists, turns and double crosses in literary theft quickly expand to threaten the globe in: THE SLUSH PILE BRIGADE. A solid thriller [with] clearly defined stakes and goals for the main characters. Marquis laid the groundwork as a thriller writer with The Slush Pile Brigade and hopefully his following novels build up a James Patterson-esque empire.  A promising debut from an up-and-coming thriller writer.”

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BlueInk Review – The Slush Pile Brigade

Here’s a new book review on BlueInk Reviews.

“Marquis makes the whole bewildering journey entertaining, particularly with the supporting cast of quirky friends who accompany Nick on his mission. Frequent nods to popular literature, and the fact that Marquis himself wrote a novel called Blind Thrust, bring out the book-within-a-book theme, and the New York City scenes and dialogue feel authentic throughout. Read The Slush Pile Brigade for the enjoyable romp that it is.”

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