Shameless self-promotion–you betcha! Pick up your copy of Bodyguard of Deception, the first book of my new World War Two Trilogy, today! Here’s what Kirkus Reviews, Former Governor Roy Romer, and others had to say about it:


By Samuel Marquis, #1 Denver Post Bestselling, Award-Winning Author

Praise for Bodyguard of Deception
Bodyguard of Deception grabbed my attention right from the beginning and never let go. The character development is excellent. Samuel Marquis has a knack for using historic details and events to create captivating and fun to read tales.”—Roy R. Romer, 39th Governor of Colorado

“Readers looking for an unapologetic historical action book should tear through this volume.”—Kirkus Reviews

“A fast-paced, riveting WWII espionage thriller. Bodyguard of Deception is as good as the best of Daniel Silva, Ken Follett, Alan Furst, and David Baldacci and brings back fond memories of the classic movie The Great Escape and Silva’s finest novel, The Unlikely Spy.”—Fred Taylor, President/Co-Founder Northstar Investment Advisors and Espionage Novel Aficionado

“As usual, Marquis’s descriptions are vivid, believable, and true to the time period…Bodyguard of Deception is an intriguing launch to his new trilogy.”—Dr. Wesley Britton, (Crime & Mystery)

“Old-time spy buffs will appreciate the tradecraft and attention to detail, while adventure enthusiasts will enjoy the unique perspective and setting for a WWII story. As Marquis throws in everything but the kitchen sink, he turns this well-told, if byzantine adventure novel into a combination of The Great Escape, Public Enemies, a genuine old-time Western, and a John Le Carré novel.”—Blueink Review

“The world hangs in a delicate balance in the heart-pounding World War Two Trilogy opener, Bodyguard of Deception by Samuel Marquis. Put together with an intricate plot to follow and a commitment to realistic detail, there’s a lot going for the read…a wonderfully nail-biting experience with good characters and solid intrigue.”—Self-Publishing Review – Four-Star Review

Can the American and British Allies stop a vaunted German spymaster and his U-boat-commander brother from warning Hitler’s High Command about the Allies’ greatest military secret? It is a secret that could win the war for Germany–or, at the very least, delay the outcome for years with an inestimable cost in bloodshed, physical destruction, and suffering. And it is a secret that the two contentious brothers must grapple with within their own Wehrmacht ranks, as they bring U.S. and British intelligence to their knees on America’s doorstep with the clock to D-Day ticking down. From a U-boat on the frigid North Sea to a brutal British interrogation center in heart of London to a remote German-POW camp and the world-famous Broadmoor Hotel overlooking the high plains and snow-dusted mountain peaks of Colorado, Bodyguard of Deception will keep you guessing until the final chapter. The first book of #1 Denver Post Bestselling, Award-Winning Suspense Author Samuel Marquis’s World War II Trilogy.

Bodyguard of Deception Ebook Cover- Final

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