Kirkus Review of The Coalition – Samuel Marquis

We’re in the heart of the Democratic and Republican campaign trails, and, like me, you’ve probably already had enough of these miscreants and nincompoops on both sides of the aisle. But to really push you over the edge, please check out my Kirkus Book Review for my recently released political assassination thriller The Coalition. It brought tears of joy to Trump and Sanders, Hillary and Jeb when their aides read the review to them while they were primping their hair to get ready for the cameras. Okay, so Bernie only has a few loose strands. But he still got a kick out of the review.

#1 Denver Post Bestselling, Award-Winning Author Samuel Marquis: “An FBI agent and an intrepid reporter uncover a vast right-wing conspiracy to gain control of the U.S. government…An entertaining thriller about a ruthless political assassination…Marquis has woven a tight plot with genuine suspense.”—Kirkus Reviews

Click here for Full Review: The Coalition – Samuel Marquis – Kirkus Reviews 


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