Laxbros: Like Father, Like Son

Clapton and Dad at Dubuque Lax Bros
Bestselling, award-winning author Samuel Marquis with Kalamazoo College attackman Clapton Marquis (#2) following a 5-4 victory over the University of Dubuque in a snowstorm, Dubuque, Iowa.

Laxbros: Like Father, like Son.

But wait a second, how come #2 Clapton Marquis, an attackman at Kalamazoo College, gets to wear those super cool Bronco Orange colors and this old attackman’s team jersey logo is a beer commercial (but you do have to admit that Samuel Adams is good beer)? Oh, that’s why us old guys still play the game. The post lax game tailgate party!


Okay, that’s not really true. This 54 year old laxbro popped 2 goals and 2 assists against the University of Colorado Club Team alumni in our Boulder, CO men’s league last week (I don’t think they had a player over 27). All right, I guess I didn’t mention that we got smoked 9-4 and our goalie was unbelievable, but the old saying is true: age is just a number.



Samuel Marquis Lacrosse Picture

Of course, I would love to have some actual cartilage in my left knee, but I ain’t crying. I’ll take 2 goals and 2 assists any day of the week, regardless of my age.

But if you have any spare cartilage, please let me know.

I could sure use it.




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