OMG! Bodyguard of Deception Sells Out at Boulder Bookstore! Rioting Prevented by Quick Restocking!

Bodyguard of Deception – Volume One of the World War Two Trilogy

Samuel Marquis – Bestselling, Award-Winning Author

Catastrophically, Bodyguard of Deception recently sold out at Boulder Bookstore in Boulder, CO. Thankfully, The Slush Pile Brigadiers–Mo Shafroth, Fred Taylor, John Welch, Peter Frautschi, Tim Romer, Richard Najarian, Caleb Gates, and Andrew Bermingham–were driven and flown in as first responders to assist the Colorado National Guard  in promptly filling the bookshelves with fresh copies of the Colorado-based WWII suspense novel before literary rioters took to the streets of Boulder demanding signed copies of the hot-selling novel. The situation was desperate, but the Brigadiers and CNG were able to stock the shelves before an Invasion-of-the-Bodysnatchers-style panic seized hold of the legendary bookstore and progressive bastion of Boulder once governed (unofficially) by Joe Walsh.

Boulder Bookstore Bodyguard Sold Out

Bodyguard of Deception Sold Out at Boulder Bookstore.

IMG_2891 (1)

Slush Pile Brigadier First Responders were able to fill the bookshelves in record time in order to prevent rioting in the streets of Boulder.

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