The Real Blackbeard The Pirate – Samuel Marquis –

Who, Truly, Was #Blackbeard, And From Whence Did He Come? Will The Real Pirate Commodore Please Stand Up? By Samuel Marquis, Ninth Great-Grandson of Captain Kidd. Was Blackbeard a Robin-Hood-Like American Patriot or Villainous Cutthroat? Check out the real story from and @Sammarquisbooks on @histfic! #pirates #historicalfiction #newrelease

2 thoughts on “The Real Blackbeard The Pirate – Samuel Marquis –

    1. Hi Rhoda:

      Book 3 of the WWII Series will be out in May-June 2018. It is a true story of Norwegian and British Resistance heroes, female and male. Thank you so much for your support!


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