Samuel Marquis Bodyguard of Deception Book Trailer – Book #1 of WWII Trilogy

Cherio Old Bean and Los, Los, Herr Spy Buff:  Check out my book trailer for my new espionage thriller Bodyguard of Deception that takes place in 1944 Europe and Colorado (Book #1 of the World War II Trilogy): Bodyguard of Deception Book Trailer – Samuel Marquis – Book #1 of the World War II Trilogy  (

Bodyguard of Deception grabbed my attention right from the beginning and never let go. The character development is excellent. Samuel Marquis has a knack for using historic details and events to create captivating and fun to read tales.”
—Roy R. Romer, 39th Governor of Colorado

“Readers looking for an unapologetic historical action book should tear through this volume.”
—Kirkus Reviews


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