Samuel Marquis Lit World Interview – Bodyguard of Deception WWII Thriller

Check out my LIT WORLD INTERVIEW by Author and Historian Ronovan Hester on BODYGUARD OF DECEPTION (BOOK 1 OF THE WWII TRILOGY):

Marquis Bodyguard of Deception Lit World Interview

I talk about why I write about WWII and the Wild, Wild West in my suspense novels. The answer is simple: I was weaned on The Great Escape; The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; Where Eagle’s Dare; The Wild Bunch; and The Dirty Dozen from the age of five to ten years old. Who cared about R-Ratings back then? Not me and my dad, that’s for sure!

And that’s why BlueInk gave me this review. It might as well be a tribute to my old man, Austin Marquis:

“Old-time spy buffs will appreciate the tradecraft and attention to detail, while adventure enthusiasts will enjoy the unique perspective and setting for a WWII story. As Marquis throws in everything but the kitchen sink, he turns this well-told, if byzantine adventure novel into a combination of The Great Escape, Public Enemies, a genuine old-time Western, and a John Le Carré novel.”
—Blueink Review


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