The Coalition Interview – Samuel Marquis – Suspense Magazine Radio

The Coalition Interview on Suspense Magazine Radio

My latest radio interview for my political thriller The Coalition, following Indie thriller writer Barry Eisler’s interview. Check both interviews out on Suspense Magazine Radio. The interviews were held with John Raab on February 6th. My interview is from 1:30:45 to 2:00:00 (just move the cursor to the right to 1:30:45 to start the interview). Barry Eisler’s new book is The God’s Eye View, a standalone NSA thriller which I highly recommend, and his interview is before mine from 1:00:00 to 1:29:00. Check ’em out!
Oh, and of course the Broncos won 24-10 in SB50!

I hope you enjoy! The Coalition Interview – Samuel Marquis (1:30:45) – Suspense Magazine Radio 

Samuel Marquis – #1 Denver Post Bestselling, Award-Winning Author

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