The Slush Pile Brigade Book Trailer

 The Slush Pile Brigade – #1 Denver Post Bestseller Fiction

By Samuel Marquis – Colorado Bestselling and Award-Winning Suspense Author

Here is the book trailer for my debut thriller novel, The Slush Pile Brigade: The Slush Pile Brigade – #1 Bestseller by Samuel Marquis – Book Trailer (external link: I think book trailers are fun because they don’t necessarily have to be exactly like the book. The book trailer for The Slush Pile Brigade is very Daniel Silva-John le Carré-esque and, for me, conjures memories of movies like Enemy of the State and Spy Games. But the actual suspense novel has an element of humor that I think my reviewers and fans would agree is missing in the book trailer. Nonetheless, the trailer still conveys a sense of foreboding and menace that is common to the spy and espionage genre. It provides a definite taste for what is yet to come and I hope you like it.

I had mine done professionally, but you can do it yourself. A good article on the subject is Joanna Penn – Book Trailers: 11 Steps to Make Your Own

Here is what the always helpful Joanna has to say:

“Book trailers are videos posted online and distributed via video networking sites like YouTube. These can be big budget blockbuster movie clips, or budget MovieMaker slides to music. You can make it an advert or a social media fun clip that people want to watch. It can be a human interest story made more like a documentary. It can be a cartoon. Essentially, it is anything you want it to be. Anything that catches people’s attention. You can get a professional to make you one or you can make your own for little or no money.

I made this one today with Windows Movie Maker (which is on most PCs). It took me several hours but was essentially free, and you don’t have to be too techy to make one too. Instructions after the movie! (comments and feedback welcome!)”

If you are interested in trying your hand at making your own book trailer, be sure check out Joanna’s full, excellent article.


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