Top WWII Spy Thrillers – Marquis Bodyguard of Deception & Follett’s Eye of the Needle

If you like Double Cross WWII Spy Thrillers, be sure to check out my Bodyguard of Deception & Ken Follett’s Eye of Needle. Both are Top 100 Paid Amazon Historical Thrillers (Currently #25 and #26) and Top 5 on Goodreads’ Listopia Best WWII Spy Books along with Daniel Silva’s The Unlikely Spy, Elizabeth Wein’s Code Name Verity, and Alan Furst’s Spies of the Balkans. In fact, read them all back to back to get the full WWII espionage saturation experience from both the American and British perspectives. Tally-ho, WWII Book Readers Across the Globe!

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